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Company Background

El Dorado Almonds was founded and formed in 2010 as a means for a group of likeminded growers to bring their product to the marketplace.


Coelho West Farms-
Coelho West is a diversified family farming partnership headquartered in Five Points, California. In addition to almonds, the operation farms a variety of row crops and additional permanent plantings.

Darrell Vincent Farms -
Darrell and Dene Vincent are the owners and operators of Darrell Vincent Farms and are general partners in El Dorado Almonds. They were both born and raised in the Firebaugh area and have been in agriculture the majority of their lives. They have had a family operated farming business since the 1970’s evolving from cotton and other row crops to almonds in the 1990’s and now pistachios in the 2000’s.

Eagle Creek Farms
Eagle Creek Farms was established in 1987 the partners are fifth generation farmers. Eagle Creek Farms has been in the Almond business for 17 years. Jim Anderson is the managing partner.

Errotabere Ranches -
The Errotabere family established their name in the farming industry in the late 1920’s and has since been in continuous operation. The farming business began with Juan Errotabere who emigrated from the French Basque Pyrenees and was succeeded by his nephew Jean Errotabere in the late 1940’s also having emigrated from the Pyrenees. Jean continued to operate the family farming business until 1979; upon his passing, his sons continued the family tradition. Originally, Errotabere Ranches generally consisted of cotton, barley and alfalfa hay. In our current operations, Errotabere Ranches oversees a diverse crop assortment of Almonds, Pistachio, Pomegranates, Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes and Garbanzos on the Westside of Fresno County. The present day owners and operators include Daniel, Jean and Remi Errotabere.

Houlding Farms-
The Houlding farming legacy originated in Nebraska; in 1891, the family moved to Madera and five generations later, we have Houlding Farms as we know it today.
Bob, Jerry & Mike Houlding own and operate Houlding Farms, maintaining a long family tradition of honest farming practices. The Houldings farm different agricultural commodities including almonds and various row crops spanning from Madera to Cantua Creek, California.

Terra Linda Farms-
Terra Linda Farms is a diversified farming partnership formed by brothers and 3rd generation farmers, Jerry, John, and Joe Coelho from Riverdale. In addition to almonds, the operation farms onions, cotton, tomatoes, wine grapes, raisins, pistachios, and walnuts.

Cosyns Farms -
The son of Belgium immigrants, 2nd generation California farmer Albert Cosyns left his Orange County roots in 1959 to continue his farming operation in Madera, California. Cosyns Farms was established in 1977, combining the ranches of Albert Cosyns and his sons, Allen and Rick operating as Cosyns Double C Farms. Cosyns Farms is known today for producing high quality Almonds, Wine Grapes, Alfalfa Hay, and Pistachios using sustainable best farm management practices. The three partners maintain active rolls in management and production decisions. Cosyns Farms also owns and leases bee colonies for outside almond pollination, managed by Allen’s son, Ryan Cosyns.

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